First blog post

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog; the vague idea that someone might actually read what I have to say and enjoy it is one that I find appealing. Then again, I find it unlikely that someone would continously keep track with my mindless ramblings. Nonetheless, with the 7.347 billion some of people currently living on planet Earth…I find that maybe the chances are in my favor.

I hope to eventually become an author of some-sort. I enjoy drawing short comics, and story telling in itself, however I have less practice with the latter than I would rather. So hopefully this will help me develope a voice of my own.

For awhile, I’ll most likely just be putting quick, short stories. Mainly jokes, I think. I’ll most likely use this as an outlet. I’ve been told that I need more of those. I’m not a Good Bored Person.

A Good Bored Person is a person. “Obviously”, you think to yourself, most likely adding an undertone of sass. Well, smartass, surprise. There’s more. A Good Bored Person can get bored and still make good decisions. They don’t get impulsive with the need to find other stimulating activites. They generally don’t often think too hard about life when they get bored either, and end up falling into some personal form of spiraling mental Hell.

I can’t tell you what A Good Bored Person does when they’re bored though. Sorry, but I can’t explain something that I am not. They probably just play video games or read, or something else along those lines. You know, smart/normal things.

I’m a Bad Bored Person, as you may have guessed from me repeatedly saying that I’m not a Good one. I do incredibly stupid things that often land me in trouble. It’s why I pretty much suck at relationships, I personally think. I’m not finding an excuse for my fuckups either, if that’s what you’re thinking. When I fuckup, I know it. I’m not going to try to find an excuse for my actions. I’m an asshole. People don’t believe this when I say it though. I don’t really get why.

But let’s get off the topic of my mercurial and back to what I was originally saying (even though this entire post is basically a trainwreck already). Bad Bored Person’s just suck at being bored. They get in trouble when they get bored. Simple enough.

Solution? Distractions galore buddy, distractions galore.

That’s what this is, the blog. It’s another distraction. You’ll most likely hear about a lot of my misadventures, though my hope is that by spending more time focusing on writing, I won’t become quite as bored.

Here’s to hoping.



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