Is It True That Opposites Attract?

I don’t understand

I can’t seem to escape you

I never see you but in the passings

Of hallways and sidewalks

Yet you still find ways to haunt my life

Dark brown eyes

Mysterious, warm orbs

You hold so many secrets

I no longer know the truth

I don’t understand

I thought I knew your mind

But you keep surprising me

I still hold you during the times 

I am blessed with your company

Acting like life-long friends

Which, I suppose, is true

But you’re so much more to me

And I know I am the same to you

Resembling two puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly

Except for one minor edge

We aren’t right

That doesn’t make it any easier 

Feelings churn like waves

Waning quietly before flooding full force

I don’t understand

I feel overwhelmed

I have too much air in my chest


Threatening to implode my form

To make a window for you to see

The beats of my internal clockwork

Yet, I feel breathless a moment later

There is no air in the atmosphere

I am floating in space

It is heavenly

I am choking on nothing and stars

I don’t understand

Do you hear my clock?

The tick-tock of my clock is raising to the wall of my chest and throat

Pushing against the thin layer of skin

Surely you hear it, as it is ringing in my ears

Your gentle voice serenading me

I don’t understand

It makes no sense

Everything contradicts itself

Even you

Voice is soft and sweet

Words are rough, acidic

You’re actions are wild, and you’re all I desire

I cannot be with you

I cannot be without

Do you understand?


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