The Words

Words that rhyme with you

Words that rhyme with me

Words that rhyme with the sentence

“The millions of miles between”

Like the miles looming over my mind

As I see you on the screen

Your face light up beautifully

By the computers gleam

You tell me about your day

Of the chances that were spent

Of the man who made a fool of himself

Trying to win your hand

“No surprise you turned him down”

You gave me a look when I said

“You’re still waiting on the one

To finally understand?”

You nodded your head “Yes”

“He is a bit dense

But I think that subconsciously

He knows of my feelings at hand.”

Words that rhyme with silent starry nights

Words that rhyme with computer lights

Lulling me to sleep

As you read to me


I pray you can’t tell

Of what it is I dream
Not rocky mountain sheep

Taking graceful leaps

But I dream only of you and holding

A nightly lullaby

Words that flow between my teeth and lips

Words that fog cause it’s colder

The word for time is winter now

Another season over

Words that form sentences

Counting up the distance

Words that form promises

To not give up our persistence

Words that count down the days

Until we can finally meet

Words that rhyme with you
Words that rhyme with me


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